Further research on this is required. But it may turn out to be a helpful, if simplistic, overview …

joeyD says:

08/08/2013 at 2:26 pm

I am very recently discovering , and believe the common law still can be used today ,Common law now means to use decisions by others court and judges to decide a current case. The legal system in place in America ( and most of the world ) at this time is run by the cult of Saturn through the temple Bar ( or the Bar association ).The current legal system is unlawfull , and it requires a valid bonified contract to hold someone accountable , but they will never tell you this , they presume you are under contracts , and if you do not bring the presumptions to light , it is assumed, by the court , that you are under contract .What you have is corporate thugs, driving around forcing the unsuspecting populace into alleged contracts under threat of force or incarceration . , It is based upon a system where the prosecution/ claimant is allowed to make presumptions which must be addressed to ” put the ball in their court” so to speak .It goes like this …Prosecutor ” Mr smith , I believe you went outside last night and looked up at the stars, and because you have done this unspeakable horror , the court is going to charge you $100 dollars ” Mr Smith ” well no actualy I slept in bed all night and never got up ” Prosecutor ” realy mr smith , can you prove you never went outside last night and looked at the stars ? your freedom requires that you do ” Of course poor Mr Smith cannot prove he did not do something, plus there is a corporate thug , a “special” witness to testify against Mr Smith , so he digs deep .what needs to be done is to challenge the presumptions, challenge jurisdiction , and challenge the contract. under the Clearfield trust doctrine , if the government wishes to compel an individual to a specific action, not only must there be a valid contract , but they must be willing to produce/present it at court. Go to any legitimate hard copy legal dictionary and look up the definition of a contract. I believe you will find all those documents where you are the only signer are not binding contracts, in fact they do not fulfill any of the requirements of a lawfull contract . If you fall into the trap of letting them presume there is a contract, if you do not refute it, the court moves forward , and you lose !

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