Having been delving into the rabbit hole, in the way that we as ‘conspiracy theorists’ see it, for the past 2 years a certain pattern has emerged regarding how history has been functioning. ‘History repeats itself’ is, of course, a common platitude. How, what and why does it repeat so that we can anticipate and effectively neutralize its worst excesses are questions less easily answered. This is a topic of paramount importance as understanding it may help us to avert the biggest human disaster of all time which is rapidly enveloping us today. That this is happening without the majority (99%) of people being aware of it is testimony to the preparations which were carefully laid in the preceding decades in the key areas of politics, education and media and throughout the institutions of religion (e.g. Vatican II, ecumenical/charismatic movements) and public policy formulation (CFR, Trilateral, RIIA) by the wealthiest and most powerful men and women in the world.

History is manipulated to suit this destructive agenda. It is interesting to note that the U.S. has led a war in the Middle East, costing trillions of dollars and many thousands of lives, for more than twice as long as the Second World War and yet most of us appear blissfully unaffected by this ongoing reality – similar to the ‘Phoney War’ period at the start of WWII, but lasting for decades instead of 6 months. A quick glimpse at the latest news reveals the kind of ‘never ending saga’ story that we have become so accustomed (disinterested and de-sensitized) to today. During WWII people knew they were ‘at war’ and felt committed, in one form or another, to partaking in it’s satisfactory resolution whether that was ‘peace’, ‘victory’ or whatever. Of course, it is human nature that it is not until events impact upon us in a direct and personal fashion that we start to respond to them in more overt ways. During WWII people became subject to privations due to supply shortages and later bombing raids that made the war all too real for those involved. Today our deliberately vaguely defined ‘war on terror’ doesn’t impinge on our lives in ways that we can easily relate to (unless you are still recoiling from the attacks of 9/11 and the other follow up false flags, in which case ‘get a life!’ would be a more appropriate admonition than ‘don’t you realize there’s a war on!’ of yesteryear).