I have had the good fortune to discover this collection of papers from archive.org. They can all be found at the following link. However, given the potential for such “crazy, irrelevant” material to magically disappear I have decided to serialize the articles on this blog to assist with preservation and dissemination. I do not necessarily endorse, condone or agree with everything published. Neither have I personally verified every factual statement contained therein. The purpose is to raise the issues for valid and constructive discussion, which should be the cornerstone of any legitimate democracy, so that that the reader is able to come to their own informed and rational conclusions as to the validity of the ideas presented and to make their comments accordingly. As a further rider anything contained in these publications as well as anything contained throughout this blog is not intended, either implicitly or explicitly, to have any bearing whatsoever on the country of Singapore and is intended only for an audience with an interest in international affairs, excluding Singapore.