in this realm there are no ‘gurus’ or people to blindly follow. Perversly, perhaps, sometimes we have to be most wary of the most articulate and ‘credible’ sources. However, here is a list of some important characters that can kick start an introduction to this massive subject area (search and download the books as .pdfs):

1. Bill Cooper – Behold A Pale Horse – 

2. Henry Makow –

3. Anthony Sutton – Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

4. Carrol Quigley – Trajedy and Hope (a reference work, I wouldn’t read cover to cover personally)

5. Eustace Mullins – The World Order – 1992

(Extra – Rabbi Marvin Antleman – To Eliminate The Opiate)

Other characters are suspected disinfo agents but useful sources of overviews and information generally

Alex Jones

David Icke (unwittingly, i think, New Agean), otherwise good