A useful insight into modus operandi

Set up benevolent sounding organizations as a cover for nefarious activities

YouTube video

How this manifests itself on a daily basis

Later I found this comment from


Hello Henry and greetings from England,regarding your recent article’Illuminati Sex Slaves’ Well,I was recently on a vacation in Malawi,there I happened to stumble into a vipers den.I visited one of the big shots of the WWF there and paid an unannounced visit to their cottage(large amazing house) there I found old men,with young blonds hanging around and these vips openly bragging how they must do these blonds later,I noticed the looks these young girls gave me(+-19 years young)the look in their eye’s were of desperation,as if pleading for help???? I just wanted to mention this to you,as I have in the past read and seen Cathy’s work and now witnessed this first hand. – See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/000683.html#sthash.hqKytq75.dpuf