Taken from Baphomet statue video

The bible doesn’t predict a thing. The zionists who are responsible for screwing up the world for their own agenda wrote the bible. They are the ones who had it compiled from the start, & propagandised people since then with it to believe that the early christians put it together, when the rome of old which is the same rome of today took over the christian movement. Rome/vatican could not destroy the followers of Jesus, so they ‘joined’ the movement–all the better to take it over and direct it where they willed.

The ‘predictions’ are actually the chronicling of the methods and the consequences of the methods the zionists planned to use to implement their agenda. By mixing up the story of Jesus with their intended affects, so people—right up to today—would be seeing what they planned without ever knowing what was/is what they were/are looking at. Very clever, very diabolical, but not an original device. But a very successful device.

The NWO zionists/ rome/vatican think that they no longer need to pretend to be christian or want peace with other religions (islam,etc.) anymore and can now show their true face. They are going ahead with their agenda as if it were already a total world takeover success. We have all heard the lines: “build it and they will come” from a movie with Robert Redford about his building a baseball stadium without even having a baseball team to pay there.

The pope & vatican who always pretended to want peace and conciliation between moslems, christians, hebrews/jews, hindus, buddhists, etc.–who have been instead using them all to fight each other so as to keep them all in line with the vatican appearing as the ‘good guys,’ as in “divided they fall”–no longer are trying to keep up the pretense of supporting ANY religion but their own of the ‘eden’ reptile worship, whose signs & symbols are all over the place in plain sight in roman vatican, & in evidence on priests, nuns, and churches of catholicism–the cult that is really one of the military arms of the baphomet worshippers.

That is why zionist/NWO/ vatican is pitting all the religions against each other in some kind of FINAL showdown so that they will annihilate each other, leaving their planned ‘vacuum’ which it will fill with reptilian (biblical eden ‘serpent’) worship that sacrifices children to that master. The zionist “final judgement” of the bible is really: worship their ‘god,’ or be consigned to the darkness of death, or the ‘eden/’heaven’ wherein humans will be the obedient slaves. ‘Heaven’ is only for themselves, not us. ZION IS “EDEN.”

The zionists want people to throw Jesus out along with religion in order to save themselves from the NEW ROME PERSECUTIONS. Denial of Jesus now & in the near future is parallel with denial of Jesus in the ancient past. Jesus was never part of their agenda, & they want to get rid of the only truely good and true thing in the bible. Mark my words.