Mr. Modi giving a traditional occult salute

Poor India. Rank poverty, endemic corruption, cultural upheaval.

Now they’re going to get their very own ‘tonic’, compliments of the cabal elite.


They’ve decided that what India needs is it’s own ‘Margaret Thatcher’

He has all the typical ‘credentials’:

Very little is known about his background; although, inevitably, he grew up as the son of poor tea-seller in Vadnagar, Gujarat

Few physical or material wants. A man who lives solely to serve his country.

A ‘doer’, who gets things done. The sole power center who does not rule by committee.

If he messes up, it’s soon forgotten in the media (Gujarat riots). (Reminiscent of ‘Teflon Tony’ Blair).

Critics who once stated he has an “intellect unleavened by reason and untempered by humanism” now say they support him.

India can look forward to having all of it’s genuinely productive capacity turned over to money capital with only the wealthiest sections benefitting. Everyone can wring their hands and moan about social disintegration and ‘greed’, whilst the large mass of people will be told it’s all their fault because they’re too lazy and stupid to show enterprising initiative.

Look out for more media photos of grateful (deluded) supporters and ‘wingeing’ opponents.