The following is taken from Fritz Springmeier’s ‘Thirteen Bloodlines of the Illuminati’. It helps us to distinguish between the Jewish (Zionist) elements that constitute an important aspect of the conspiracy and the conspiracy as a whole so that we can avoid overly simplistic , or overly simplistic sounding, labeling:

he [M.Plantard, Grand Master, Priory of Zion] acknowledged [in an interview] the Merovingians to have been of Judaic descent, deriving from the royal line of David.” The significance of this tremendous. It means that those people who have been saying that it is a Jewish conspiracy have been correct–even if some of these people saying these things may not be greatest characters. This also opens the door as to why the top leaders of the Illuminati have been willing to work with the Askenazi Jews. In Be Wise As Serpents, I show from Masonic sources that there is indeed a big connection at the top with the Jewish leadership and the House of David and Freemasonry. The goals of Freemasonry are intertwined with the goals of the Prieure de Sion. There is a big danger in labeling the conspiracy “Jewish”. When people label “jewish” as “bad” it confuses more than clarifies. The Jewish people are not the enemy. Next, although many of the Satanic hierarchy claim to be from the House of David, they do not publicly proclaim themselves as Jews, in fact they may publicly take a negative posture toward the Jews, such as Lady Astor and some of the duPonts have been.
It is perhaps fine that Zionism be labelled evil. Zionism includes both Christians and Jews. To be a zionist is to identify oneself with a movement that the elite has set up and controlled for their purposes. Many in the Zionist movement are like common people everywhere, they want do to what is right, they have simply not gotten the bigger picture, and are being used. When two groups have some similarities but each want to keep their own identity they can be mortal rivals. One group that has been very easy for Satan to provoke against Christians is the Jews. Perhaps no group of people
has hated Christians with more intensity. One of the first groups that Satan worked at controlling were the Jews. But to call the conspiracy Jewish is misleading. The father of it all is Satan. It is Satanic, and it will use anyone it can. And God will use anyone too. How many of us have escaped helping one cause or another of the establishment or in being in some organization that the establishment was using? Let each of us examine ourselves and get our own lives in order. There is a song about violin that was going to auctioned off cheap until a master violinist picked it up and played a good tune on it. Don’t auction people off cheaply, the touch of the Master’s hand can turn anyone into a beautiful thing. Don’t reject anyone who will let the Master’s hand tune his life. This is a war against evil, not race. Not everyone of the most evil bloodlines is on the enemies’ side. Many are trying to serve the Lord. Likewise, just because the Freeman family is one of the top 13 Satanic families doesn’t mean that all or even most Freemans are part of the hierarchy.

Jay Parker – Illuminatti Child

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