Here’s a collection that I will update over time of revelations that have the potential to radically alter our understanding and perceptions. Paradigm shifts. Or in other words shifts out of the paradigms that have been created to enslave us. You don’t have to believe everything stated. You can simply be open to the possibility until more information and corroboration becomes available. A lie doesn’t somehow not remain a lie simply because its a BIG lie. For a small number of people to rule over a much larger number some big lies are going to be necessary. These videos offer some potential leads:

Bruce Cathie (RIP) Harmonic 33 – Nuclear Weapons are largely a hoax oh dear! 70 years of fretting over nothing (I wonder what they were really up to whilst we were all distracted)?

If a nuke goes off, it can’t be ‘terrorists’, it has to be an inside job, another ‘false flag’. Here’s why

Why is it so difficult to get hold of Bruce Cathie’s book if he’s just another ‘nutcase’?

James Collier – The voting system’s been totally rigged

A multitude of mind controlled slaves placed in strategic positions throughout society will come in handy Read the literature and watch video clips of stars and start to understand their weird behavior.

Bill Cooper

the secret of secret societies is how a small number of people can control a large number of people

We should be aware of this, admittedly controversial, rearch:

43 of past 44 Presidents of US related to King John of England