Black Robe film

The Jesuit modus operandi is to send ‘missionairies’ into foreign cultures ostensibly to proselytize to the population and introduce them to ‘God’. In reality they are just spies who send detailed intelligence back to Rome where it can be analyzed and a strategy for the total destruction of the culture can be devised without drawing too much attention to the hidden hand behind it.

The film highlights the tremendous resilience and commitment of the Jesuits to their ’cause’. The early missionairies no doubt have noble intentions and are themselves unaware of the ‘endgame’ for the people they are infiltrating. The process can play out over centuries. Blind order following never ends well. It is simply putting Man before God.

The Indians sense the danger but, tragically for them, in the end, do not expel the Jesuits like so many countries have before and since.

With the natives out the way the scene was set for creating a new superpower built from the ground up to serve as the Vatican’s military arm.