I’m not an expert on the science, but it’s clear how a ‘humans are the problem’ philosophy is a useful ideological vehicle for persuing a broader anti-human agenda (21):

Geo-engineering and ‘climate change’ is a weather war on the global population
David Icke – Climate Scam
‘Global warming, co2 emissions, climate change, sustainability, the environment, population growth, peak oil’. As with finance and resources discussed elsewhere in this blog the idea is that we must accept that human development is a ‘problem’ that needs to be somehow contained. The reason is simple – it’s much easier to control and suppress impoverished and dependent populations, who have been conditioned to believe that all the problems in the World are their ‘fault’, than those that are strong, independent and guilt free with easy/low cost access to essential resources.

Beware Sustainable Development
Supports the freedom hating idea that ‘individual rights must take a back seat to the collective’

How it’s done, gradually

The medical tools of de-population

The hidden truth behind Obamacare – Dr. Russell Blaylock explains
The Power Cycle – to transfer power, create dependency. Get people to buy into an idea by talking up the benefits, make them pay for it with increased tax, then use the dependency to control the population and gradually withdraw the benefits over time on the basis of ‘structural reform’ or some other euphemism for theft and domination. Eventually you end up with all the power and very little expense to justify it. Plenty of tax then left over for the next war or other power grabbing exercise … Repeat until your ‘Great Work’ is complete.

Where it’s leading, “Smart” Cities:

See the video half way down this article
If the city is “smart”, you can be sure the people inside will be dumb.

Remember, it’ll be the same Black Nobility/Satanists running the show ….

The Zeitgeist Vision – who is going to control power and freedom in this Brave New World? We had better understand the past and present better before we get too enamored with technological innovations and novel ideas that skirt around the real issues. The Elites know what innovations are coming to us (they wouldn’t let us have them if they didn’t) and they have already planned how to manipulate us with them. A golden cage is still a cage. Freedom first before technology and ‘progress’. Think about this before you make your next “cell” phone call.

David Icke with another Agenda 21 roundup