Are people being killed because their words/actions do not suit a global political agenda?

A proposition like this can easily be accused of confusing cause and effect, begging the question (providing what is essentially the conclusion of the argument as a premise) and shifting the burden of proof. I will attempt to address these points throughout.

Cause and effect:

The effect is that many people have died in ‘unusual circumstances’. Once we are agreed on this point anyone with an ‘agenda’ could ascribe the cause to their favourite “hobby horse” (aliens, mafia, government etc). Doing so obviously does not make a strong argument in and of itself. The effect should be a consequence of the proposed cause, not the reverse. Hence I make my propositions below:

Begging the question:

So I ask the question here, how many of the influential people listed below, who spoke out publicly in a way that didn’t suit the globalist (NWO) agenda didn’t die of heart disease, cancer or respiratory related causes? Obviously the answer is ‘none of them’. However, if you take this group as a whole, a diverse representation of society, more so as more are added to the list, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the argument that these ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ are all coincidental to the NWO opposition (i.e the argument that this position fails to account for natural fluctuations). If any one has been killed for this reason then it reveals the disturbing reality that decisions along these lines are being taken at the highest levels (who else is thinking in global terms with the means to carry out such activities?). One does not prove all, but it lends weight to the likelihood of a high level decision making structure that would be an essential element in such an enterprise.

Shifting the burden of proof:

For each person that dies there is a 5/6 chance that it will not be from ‘the top 3’. This point is not intended to imply an absolute; in each individual instance, therefore, it is reasonable to say ‘there’s a good chance that a death from e.g. An accident could occur to someone, no need to make up conspiracy theories about it’. As the list grows over time, however, you end up with a larger sample from the general population. From this, abstract, perspective a greater number (about 1 in 6) of such a generalized population sample should have died from 1 of the ‘big 3′(even if we allow for this.) E.g. For a list of 60 people the chance would be 1 in 10 against any other population sample avoiding the big 3, if you want to argue that ‘accidents/suicides happen’. I appreciate this adds an element of reification (treating as a “real thing” something that is not a real thing, but merely an idea), however, it is this idea that I am asking you to consider. If any group were behind this they would be unlikely to do it in such a way that it could be absolutely scientifically proven. They live in the shadows.

Challenge to skeptics – if you beleive this falls under the Texas sharpshooter fallacy – improperly asserting a cause to explain a cluster of data, then please name any group with the same odds of not eventually dying from these 3 big killers that has a similar level of diversity (Social/cultural/ethnic/age/sex etc.) of ‘membership’. I do not wish to argue from ignorance so I appreciate I am asking you to prove a negative, so I do not claim this point is in any way conclusive, it is merely another aspect in considering this question. In other words, if you could come up with such a group, I admit it would represent a good counter argument to my own position.

I am not attempting to ‘cherry pick data’ as I am admittedly selecting a group with anomalous statistical characteristics. I am presenting the challenge to find another group with the same ‘(Big 3) Death defying’ characteristics.

What else did all these people have in common that enabled them, as a group, to defy statistical probability? This proposed correlation does not prove causation. However, as the numbers grow we have to, at some point, appeal to our common sense to decide if there is a link. So ask yourself at what point would these numbers become too great for you to ignore? Does ‘probability’ make this proposition correct? Not of itself, but how many people do you know who would even consider this a possibility, let alone a probability? Hence the greater awareness this article hopes to address.

I hope the illustration below helps to demonstrate how unlikely it is that they are all coincidences:

Source: (If you know of a better source of these kinds of statistics, please let me know).

Let’s ask ourselves another question? How many high profile, credible, highly publicized opponents of the NWO agenda are there (still alive)?

Check the assassinations tag in this blog. Please research to find many more and ‘reply’ with further references to Anti-globalist, NWO assassinations if you have them.

As the numbers grow the accusation of ‘hasty generalization’ diminishes.

Bill Clinton
The Clinton Body count and more detail here

Clintons – Update 1

Clintons – Vince Foster – highest level suspicious death since JFK


More scientists

Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy together with the coroner in Breitbart’s case

These can be added

Nasser al-Awlaki and Drone Strikes

Serena Shim – murdered for exposing part of the NWO agenda

Digging a bit more on the Selena Shim story:

apparently there are 2 more similar cases.

Then I looked her up on Wikipedia:
“Shim survived the crash, but died of a heart attack after being taken to an undisclosed location”

Another list

9/11 witnesses
Free energy scientist DeGaus

Stan Meyer – free energy inventor who understood the Globalist connection – he had to die – RIP

2002 – Senator Paul Wellstone

2004 Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter, Gary Webb

2008 Murder of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the D.C. Madam who ran an escort agency that served Washington’s elite, is murdered to prevent her from speaking publicly.

2008 Murder of Michael Connell, who was directly implicated in rigging George W.Bush’s 2000 and 2004 elections, is killed before he can testify in court. Prior to the killing Karl Rove had threatened his life.

2013 Murder of author Philip Marshall and his two teenage children. Philip Marshall was one of the leading researchers on the ties of the Bush family to the 9/11 attacks.

Nigel Farage – how long will he last?

Colonel A. J. Baker, a US intelligence officer, later died mysteriously in Germany while undergoing minor surgery at a US facility – a familiar ‘happening’, the Author understands. At the last count, the total number of operatives, lawyers and others associated with Iran-Contra to have been ‘taken down’ exceeded 430 – Christopher Story (also assassinated)

Joe Cox

Anna Lindh

Olaf Palme

Mind control 


Black Magic and UFO research – risky

Vince Foster – why cover up a suicide?

The Russian Angle:

A “Heart Attack”? Hmm. My but there sure have been a lot of Russians turning up dead lately who were once close to Vladimir Putin.

Boris Nemtsov, Alexander Litvenenko Mikhail Lesin now Vitaly Churkin. I recall Mikhail Lesin, who was a former Deputy Prime Minister in Vladimir Putin’s early regime and the founder of the Russian “Media” outlet RT (Russia Today) turning up dead in Washington DC of all places in November 2015. Other members of the Russian regime of Vladimir Putin have had “Unfortunate accidents” who knew a lot of the inner workings of Putin’s regime. Boris Nemtsov was a Deputy Prime Minister in Putin’s early Government so was Mikhail Lesin the founder of the Russian Media outlet RT (Russia Today). Both men are now DEAD.

Two former members of the Russian Anti-doping Agency died in the same month of February 2016. Right after the defection to the U.S. of Russian Dr Grigory Rodchenkov who was the head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency lab at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics who brought with him his computer records and other evidence that was used by Richard McLaren to prove that Russia was engaging in State Sponsored Doping and Cheating in International Olympic Sport.

The head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency Nikita Kamaev died suddenly on February 15 2016. The former executive director of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency died two months after resigning amid the doping scandal of a “Massive Heart attack” at the age of 52 even though he was not previously known to have a Heart condition. Both men would have had knowledge of the infamous Russian Doping Scandal. Go figure.

Now Vitaly Churkin. I wonder who’s next to have a “Heart Attack”

Michael Hastings

[2 Aug 2017]

Seth Rich