You are allowed “free speech” so long as you use the “right” or “privilege” to say what it has been planned and you have been programmed to say. If it looks like you might be about to step outside of your mind control, then the time tested control techniques must be used to reign you back in. But ridicule and dismissal aren’t working quite as well as they used to. Time for the elites to step up the pressure:

Freedom haters in action

Cameron Freedom Hater

Hollande – Freedom Hater
Dangerous cult fanatic Cameron wants to attack anyone who doesn’t follow his ‘ideology’US/UK bombs have been recruiting ‘terrorists’, not ‘ideologies’

If you’re reading this you had better turn yourself in, 9/11 activist hands himself in to police following UK PM speech on extremism

Welcome to your new home – Communication Management Unit

Vladimir Putin – Freedom hater

Sarkozy – Freedom hater

Expect UN and State funded support if you promote their definition of ‘safe speech’:

About Extreme Dialogue

Sneaking it in whilst no-one is looking

Goals of the Global Engagement Center

The Center’s overarching goal is to expose ISIL’s true nature—and that of other violent extremist organizations—thereby diminishing their influence and decreasing these organizations’ allure in the eyes of potential recruits and sympathizers.

So if you ‘sympathize’ with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution your ‘true nature’ should be ‘exposed’ …

[update 3 Jan 2017]

Is it really about ‘terrorists’?

[update 3 April 2017]

How long before Extremism Disruption Orders make it onto the statute?

[update 4 April 2017]

How the MM uses ‘fake news’ whilst simultaneously decrying it

[update 26 May 2017]

Theresa May – Freedom Hater

[6 Nov 2017]

another way is to introduce a chilling effect into the newsrooms by ‘standing up for women’s rights’