You may peruse some of the other articles in this blog covering who is assassinated and why. Here I want to briefly list the methods that keep recurring in my research:

  1. Heart attack (see Church hearings to Congress for details)
  2. Suicide – so common and timely that the term ‘suicided’ quickly enters the lexicon of anyone who spends any time looking into this. Drugs, handgun or window jumping are the main ‘methods’
  3. Speeding vehicle – vehicles are made to suddenly accellerate at top speed and the driver cannot slow down
  4. Aircraft – quite simply, if you are not 100% sure your ‘masters’ approve of everything you are saying and doing, do NOT get into an aircraft (it doesn’t matter how many other people are in it with you)
  5. Cancer – you are suddenly afflicted by a virulent strain Esp. Pancreatic cancer
  6. Undergoing minor surgery – at a US facility

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list, but you will see these particular death types occurring over and over for ‘inconvenient’ people.