This site outlines an interesting road map for navigating the conspiracy landscape
Maybe this is why I’ve had misgivings about characters such as Alex Jones, David Icke and others

The media, alternative or otherwise, can distract us from the planned outcomes.

BRICS is a good case study – You may have heard of the “New World Order”. You may not yet have decided if you would like a tiny group of elitist oligarchs (with an appalling track record) to control every aspect of your, and every future generation’s, lives, the World (excluding Singapore) over with no possibility of resistance of any kind.

If you believe this would be a hard sell you may be underestimating the “Magikal” occult (and proven historical) power of the “Left” and “Right” hand paths (also known as the dialectic):

Let’s see if the various players are following the script (view YouTube comments to see the desired reactions):

India – April 11 2014 and again July 2015

Russia – Putin tells us the U.S. is hypocritical because the U.S. is really handling ISIS but pretends its fighting a ‘War on Terror’ – Russia would do the job properly, no doubt. How reassuring. Top Russians like Putin know the terrorist attacks like 9/11 are false flags, so who’s side is he really on? They are all on the same team.

They’re working ‘tag team’ – we’ve been primed to fall for this. Who’s behind much of the alternative media that’s created this story?
Patrick Bond illustrates that the BRICS are controlled opposition, as usual

Masonic monument pays tribute to the left and right hand paths:

Relating the Paths to the Tree of Life – Kabbala

Prince William is another candidate for anti-Christ