An important update to the posting below:

Show me the tax law 3 – Bill Thornton (start at 14:00) – the “Information” opens a Court of Record in which the Plaintiff (IRS) decrees the law (outside of statute)

Show me the tax law – Bill Thornton (from the beginning with all the common law background (1 and 2))
Bill explains that the tax court is a COURT OF RECORD. If you understand what a court of record is you will appreciate the significance of this and why intelligent, diligent researchers like John Kotmaier and Peter Hendrickson still have trouble in court.

A global freedom hating scheme requires a lot of stolen human energy (“income”) to grease the wheels. It is therefore important for this scheme to silence anyone who exposes the fraud. John Kotmaier has decades of experience of how the fraud is designed and implemented, in the area of income tax law, to make the public ignorant and then to play on that ignorance to create a veneer of legality that is then used as the basis for attacking anyone who dares question the freedom haters scheme. Neat.
You have a choice right now. Listen to his videos that are still available, we don’t know for how much longer, and agree with the freedom haters that you are incapable of determining if he has something legitimate to say and that you shouldn’t even be exposed to the possibility that he does. In which case, any talk of a “conspiracy theory” is redundant. Your abject servitude is a verifiable fact.

Or, listen to his videos and, at the very least, concede that his views relate to an area of significant public interest and that have the potential to inform you so that you are in a position to better understand your true obligations to yourself and the wider society.

This is what they have done to John and by extension to all of us. Why would they resort to this if they have nothing to hide?

What does John say that you have been ‘protected’ from hearing?

Maybe you are better persuaded by the transparent and in-depth presentation given by this ex-IRS Commissioner (who’s interviewer was assassinated BTW).

An instructive case – and some surprising comments by Ronald Reagan