The question regarding Britain’s, or any other county’s for that matter, exit from the EU was, for me, rather dull until I understood how it fit into the larger context of the movement towards (or in this instance away from) the creation of a New World Order (NWO).

Nobody would question that creating a NWO is a BIG task, or as the Freemasons might think of it “a great work”. It is common sense that you would break any big task up into smaller, more manageable pieces. Hence for many decades we have seen the incremental shift, in fits and starts, towards regional trading blocks: the EU, ASEAN, NAFTA Etc. These are always sold to the public as pragmatic (I.e. Devoid of principle) and necessary to address ‘economic woes’ (often manipulated into existence by hidden, ‘higher’ forces – see elsewhere in this blog). The goal eventually, of course, once the populations of the world have been systematically frightened through the use of (manufactured) “terror” and worn down by economic manipulation, is to combine them all, now totally dependent and without any political power, under the auspices of a revamped (repackaged as “a new start”) UN. Anything that upsets and reverses this “great work” is a step towards regaining everything that has been lost.

Hence I support the movement for nation states to reassert their sovereignty (an example of which can be seen in this video with speaker Daniel Hannan) as an initial stopgap against this ominous one world scheme. Once out of the clutches of these global forces nations should consider the original United States Republican model of Government (properly instituted) as the best way to secure individual freedoms against corrosive influence.