Nobody wants to beleive they are mind controlled; but we all are to some degree. Blanket refusal to accept the possibility only makes the subject of mind control more vulnerable to manipulation. The people who rule over us understand the principles of mind control intimately. They can traumatize individuals where necessary or, to a less intense degree, society at large. Of course, the ideal would be to exercise fine grained, intense, mind control over the wider society. No doubt the ‘progress’ we are seeing today in communications technology has been designed so that, over time, it can become a sophisticated tool for fine grained mind control ensuring that every ‘thought’, idea or emotion fits the ‘socially acceptable’ range predefined for the ‘orderly’ structure of society.

Following are, in my view, mind control related data. Let’s examine some of the clues around us and start to discern how this phenomenon is being used without our knowledge or understanding:

The Rape of the Mind PDF

CIA mind control experimentation
The videos were playing at high speed from two different source providers. Finally I got one to play normally. I have never had this problem before. Perhaps it’s just my device?

Swedish twins
Notice how there appear to be ‘triggers’ that set off extreme behaviour. They also appear to have been programmed to self destruct after attempting an objective (e.g. A murder)

The existing current ‘scientific’ explanations are inadequate, indicating that mainstream conventional science is not exposed to whatever is behind this.

Is Sandy Hook Newtown depicted in ‘Hide and Seek’ movie’s ‘Woodland’ (below)

Monarch mind control – download this because the links will be removed over time

Fritz Springmeier – Mind control and the broader context
MK Ultra testimony
Does this fit in somewhere? – Random Cathy O’Brien – sex slave

Britney Spears
Anna Nicole Smith

Robert De Niro from the perspective of mind control

Is it just me or does Thomas Mair look strikingly like Robert De Niro?