Its interesting to read the mainstream media response to Brexit. As before the vote only ever touching on the real issue (soveriegnty) occasionally and continually drumming on about the economic costs as if money was the only thing that ever enters human consciousness.

The ‘solution’ offered to the problem of people not knowing how to vote ‘properly’ according to the inappropriately named ‘Independent’ is to make referendums less effective. These organs of the state will always look for ways to move you further away from the center of real power. For them the Referendum was supposed to rubber stamp the continuing march towards unaccountable authority under the old lie that it would make everyone ‘better off’. Giving away your power to others never has and never will make you ‘better off’.

The British people have shown they are world leaders in the struggle for independence from the forces of globalization. The globalists will now do what they can to punish and make an example of UK. They never had any interest in cooperation, that was just a ‘noble lie’ to get buy in.

Now the people of UK need to continue to recognize the manipulators schemes for what they are. This is no time to play victim to ‘economic hardship’ and get too attached to jingoistic nationalism or whatever scheme they conjure up to take advantage of the changing political landscape. A sovereign powerful people with a good understanding and respect for other people and their struggles to break free from the globalist manipulators is the UK’s new example to the world.

[update 3 Jan 2017]

How bureaucracy’s boa constrictor surreptitiously tightens it’s grip around it’s victim.