Both good cop (Eastern branch of the cabal banksters NWO – BRICS)  and bad cop (Western branch NWO – NATO, Western banks) need the spectre of ISIS to work their double act.

We’re being setup to be gratefully relieved at good cop’s ability to save us from the ‘terrorist’ scourge

[28 Sep 2017]

They say ‘The dangers cannot be over-emphasised.’

This propaganda has been streaming into our collective consciousness via the media for several years now. At time of writing there has been no successful ‘terrorist’ attack in Singapore.

The idea is to keep repeating the message and infuse the sense of ‘terror, terror everywhere’ so that when one eventually ‘slips through the net’ we will have been collectively primed to ‘over-emphasize’ it’s significance. It is then intended that people will police themselves by attacking anyone expressing ‘unconventional’, ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ ideas. Restrictions on free speech without the governments needing to ‘officially’ create legislation to do the job.

Notice how this works before the net slips. Once it does expect to be unpopular at best for pointing out what’s really going on.

[23 Oct 2017]

Notice how, over time, these ‘plans’ will be used to further degrade your ability to resist the power of central authority. You will be forced to hand over your money to pay for it (tax), you will be given a false dichotomy to object to it (democratic elections), you will be put in a cage for even attempting to listen to ideas opposed to it. You will be told all this is for your benefit, to ‘protect’ you. These things aren’t happening randomly – a result of unfortunate necessity. It’s all planned for.