[Update: 12 Jan 2018 – I have moved from libertarian to anarchist. Whilst libertarians represent (by far) the lesser evil there is logical inconsistency in believing in any government in principle. Below represents my prior understanding from which I have now moved on]

Skeptical of the perennial left/right divide, false dichotomy of our vacuous political landscape which appears to be going nowhere (but is actually carefully designed to lead straight into a trap)?

Not sure where to turn? You may not be familiar with Libertarianism, a relatively coherent alternative to the single narrative that’s been constructed for us. Libertarianism emphasizes personal autonomy.

This is a good starting point – get ready to think about the world in a new way

The trap is taking place

Beware Green ‘Libertarians’ – elite scions know how to use ideas to enslave – want to change in the world? – don’t follow this kind of Pied Piper. Whatever the ‘green’ problems in the world are, you’ll find the ‘solutions’ to be distinctly unlibertarian.

What is the Libertarian solution to the problem of National Debt?