This is a working definition:

“The Occulted Powers are the intermarried / interacting network of local royals and international Jewish banksters, along with the secret society commoners – such as the Freemasons – who run things for them behind the facade of democratic government.” (from

Of course, we can argue back and forth about the essential ‘truth’ of the hypothesis citing various evidence for and against etc. which is fine and partly the purpose of this site.

Is it a hypothesis worth contemplating at all? Many might say ‘so what’, ‘who cares’ etc. Personally I see little point in keenly following the outcome of an election, which many do, without understanding the real forces that are shaping it and the aftermath.

I see no problem with an evidence based approach to this question so long as it realistically faces up to the enormous opposition that such enquiry evokes from those who believe that they benefit from it (most people, it seems)(e.g. Pike Commission). Speculation (recognized as such) must necessarily fill the gap until further evidence becomes available (this is a necessary departure from the scientific approach, but few are claiming it with a scientific degree of certainty (‘political science’ is an oxymoron)). I see no reason to give those in power the ‘benefit of the doubt’. They should be assessed according to results – need I say more.

Starting points:

The Oligarchs:

The Committee of 300

The Bilderbergers

The Occulted Powers:
High Level Freemasons
Jesuits and other occulted high level Catholic orders
High level Kabbalist Jews working through organizations like Chabad


Intelligence agencies and associated ‘enforcers’