[update 27 May 2017]

‘Potential’ became actual. You can rely on the controlled opposition to do one thing – make you look stupid if you blindly follow them.

If you’ve spent any time trying to pick apart the insanity that is SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) you will know that ‘proving’ or ‘demonstrating conclusively’ with ‘solid evidence’ that it is or has been going on is not easy. Pizzagate is too easy – all the pieces falling nicely into place in a way that even a deep sleeper will find hard to ignore.

Now’s the time to avoid the hysteria and look deeper into the background of this story.

Last night (30 Nov 2016) on the DW news channel Marina Abramovic was portrayed as an eccentric and potentially misunderstood ‘artiste’ as she is in the Guardian

She defends herself in the ‘Art News’

Is ‘spirit cooking’ just eccentric art? You decide.

“We just call things funny names, that’s all.” she says.

Of course, people can call things whatever they like and they can do whatever they like as long as they’re not harming anyone else in the process. When you have connections to highly placed people like John Podesta, others who are affected by the decisions of those highly placed people, also have the right to discuss whatever it is they know about what you are saying or doing. Whatever happens with “pizzagate” it should not be an excuse to close down debate, and it would be ironic if it was in the defense of ‘artistic expression’. Legitimate interest in and debate about “pizzagate” is so clearly a 1st Amendment (free speech) protected activity that even stating the fact shouldn’t be necessary unless we were living in such dangerous times in terms of the inclination to abandon free speech to the nebulous sensitivities of the “wise and good”.

Don’t let a bunch of occultists (whatever public face they display) trick you into overstating the case and using that to justify to the public at large that YOU are the ‘crazy’. Who’s saying that? The New York Times. Their CEO is Mark Thompson, who blocked Newsnight from exposing Jimmy Saville.

After all the excuses are said and done – here’s what happened

Then see how the whole thing gets massaged out of existence over time

Familiar pattern?

The random, ‘coincidental’ heart attack of a whistleblower and then subsequently his coroner, certainly is.

UPDATE: Right on queue the BBC follow up the next day with this

Nonetheless they’ll get their message across no doubt.
I put this in the “Who” category because the BBC is part of the global media network that ‘they’ use to deceive, delude and confuse us. The BBC are not ‘they’; they are a tool, amongst many others, used to promote the globalist agenda.
It is also a ‘strawman’. They set it up and then knock it out the park to the delight of their all-knowing, sophisticated audience.
“No victim has come forward. There’s no investigation. And physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either.” The absurdity of it all! Problem is no-one (that I have read so far) is claiming any of these things.
The real claim is not that this is something ‘operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant’. The pizza restaurant was set up to appear as one of a number of fronts for what may have appeared to be a pedophilia ring (as mentioned before the whole thing is a feint designed to attack ‘fake news’ online i.e. free speech). However, this BBC article is evidence of an attack on free speech.
Having established the straw man they can insert all the existing prejudices and preconceived ideas that they have been a part of constructing in the minds of our cult followers and let the confirmation bias do it’s work.
“Let’s start with the facts.” they say. What a relief. The BBC is going to save us from all the noise and confusion with it’s cold, objective, impartial observation of the facts.
They like to mention the ‘fringes’ i.e. not ‘one of us’ (sensible, intelligent people) and with that they have already concluded, without question, that it’s ‘fake news’ (which in some respects it may well be – but that’s not the point). The rest of the article proceeds to instruct its cult readers in how to appear to be evidence based, rational and balanced without actually being any of these things. “free speech” is mentioned in the same breath as “extreme content and trollish behavior”.  ‘In their speculative efforts they [conspiracy crazies] trawled Alefantis’ Instagram feed’ – (the implication being desperate to feed their confirmation bias.’)
Since the BBC is so keen on the ‘facts’ why not show the Instagram photos at this point – or at least provide a link?


You can see more at
From this ‘lack of physical evidence‘ (true – it’s just digital photos) these ‘prankster sites and people on the paranoid fringes’ (people like me) dreamt up a pedophile sex ring (no, we noticed difficult to ignore material).
If this is not a child pedophile ring, someone is making a big effort to make it appear as if it is. Is the context of this Alefantis being connected to the highest political levels confirmation bias? Why could he not be some typical pizza owner with no political connections? Isn’t that more probable if it’s all just coincidence?
To ‘balance’ the story out they use Alefantis himself to set us straight “They ignore basic truths,” he says. ‘They’ are now ‘extremist white nationalist alt-right.’ i.e. any white person who doesn’t raise an eyebrow when pictures like the above are ‘in plain sight’. They are  “hardcore conspiracy theorists [who] are particularly sensitive to allegations of child sex abuse.”
This is the cult message coming from the BBC. Even if you see things online that lead you to ask simple questions about potential abuse of power you must classify it as ‘fake news’ unless it has come from ‘reputable’ factual news story sources like the BBC, “New York Times and Fox News, among many others”. If you don’t tow the line, you’ll be branded – simple as that.
Before that we had a typical appeal to authority to lend weight to the piece;
Viren Swami, professor of social psychology:
“What’s happening in the US over the last year or two is that conspiracy theorising is being deployed as a political weapon,” i.e. another reason for the great and the good to ignore it as cheap shots.
Next they use an old trick of mixing potential actual physical violence (which is a crime) with online activity (which is not (or shouldn’t be)):
“It’s very scary to be under a social media attack, a lot of threats are death threats or serious continuing threats by very impassioned people” and then the inversion whereby he complains of:
“an assault on first amendment rights and my right to freedom of expression.”
So, by making people “aware of how stupid all of this is.” you are defending first amendment rights. i.e. attacking free speech without it appearing like an attack on free speech.
I hope the 4Chan ‘lamenters’ mentioned at the end are a cherry-picked group. Sadly, the BBC, funded by Government extortion through the ‘income tax’ system, knows it’s mass market target audience and most of the cult reading this will allow their confirmation bias to let them comfortably conclude that which they knew all along – we’re all safely looked after by our benevolent masters in Government.
It’s quite an instructive article.
Hypothesis: we will see more of these kinds of stories and associated issues with the hidden aim of closing down free speech in all it’s forms.
Speculation: as ISIS are ‘defeated’ in Syria they will move into other ‘theaters of operations’ (i.e. infiltrate non-Middle Eastern countries). Whilst the hypocrisy and deceit of articles like the above may become more apparent over time, it can be countered with the sheer emotional trauma of attacks, both real and imagined, that society is clearly being prepared for. Then it’ll be about ‘pulling together’ etc. and staying ‘united’ to face the ‘threat’ (i.e. shut up, do what you’re told and don’t question anything no matter what you read on the Internet – anything else is ‘supporting terrorism’).
[Update 9 December 2016]
Right on cue – How the media is presenting Pizzagate:
“Pizzagate Is An Alt-Right Fever Dream”
A better example of a Rothstein media clown telling us all what (‘support the troops’/ignore ‘conspiracy theories’ etc.) and how (self-righteous logical fallacies) to think it would be hard to find.
Making a confused farce out of politics creates a smokescreen behind which real damage to freedoms is being undertaken.
An unopposed platform to cherry-pick points to an adoring audience of millions who are being mercifully relieved of having to think for themselves.
Still, as long as he continues to do a good job, Mr. Rothstein won’t have him killed.
[update 12 Dec 2016]
Fake new is …
Coincidentally perhaps this woman’s name (sabrina ousmaal) is a ten letter anagram of ‘subnormals’ – ever get the feeling you’re getting subliminals?
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[13 Feb 2017]
Speculation. Perhaps another ‘smoke and mirrors’ distraction to fuel the ‘fake news’ narrative. Somewhat odd. Worth monitoring over time:
Is ‘pizza’ some kind of code word?
Edward Snowden likes pizza (watch the Snowden film, scene in the underground base)
John Podesta likes pizza
(Hawking has been to Epstein (convicted pedophile) Island parties)
Of course this is susceptible to ‘confirmation bias’. That in itself is not a reason to completely ignore the issue.
[update 3 Mar 2017]
[update 3 April 2017]
We don’t want any President defining what is/is not ‘fake news’.