It all sounds so ‘good’,

a new ‘paradigm’

until you see it in the broader context

If you look into it you will find that the countries ratifying this newly proposed legislation already have laws that adequately address the serious abuses (as opposed to the ‘thought crimes’) covered. It is just another vehicle for social engineering and moving jurisdiction further away from real people and now even their governments.

Men and women need to stand together to enforce their funamental Rights and freedoms (not ‘genger Rights’ etc.) which are under threat like never before from the globalists.

Not on your own you can’t … we need each other

Don’t fall for the divide and conquer.

Some smart women have figured it out

[update 9 Jun 2017]

Emasculating men isn’t going to help

[20 Jun 2017]

The ‘experts’ have spoken

The Independent thinks this is ‘undeniably progress’

The ‘European Rights’ court supports these ‘Rights’ of course. Try getting it to support fundamental Rights such as movement, 2nd amendment and free speech though.

[22 Jun 2017]



It’s becoming visible … what “feminism” really represents today – the restriction of men AND women

[4 Sep 2017]

Feeling guilty yet?

[13 Sep 2017]

The inhuman idea of equating men and women permeates society