Once the ‘terrorism’ scam has run it’s course it’ll be necessary to conjure up another ‘enemy’ – what better than ‘aliens’, something the whole World can unite against.

‘Experts’ are telling us there’s a possibility of alien life on other planets – of course, there’s no way we can check for ourselves, so, as ever, it all comes down to trust.

The Pope trusts the scientists – how reassuring …

According to John Podesta (who also likes ‘pizza’) and ex-‘spaceman’ Edgar Mitchell the Pope knows more than he’s revealing


[update 11 Apr 2017]

Baby steps to the big ‘reveal’

[31 May 2017]

Just keep repeating the lie and it will start to sink in

[20 Jun 2017]


[4 Sep 2017]

Repeat the message

[6 Nov 2017]

Rinse … Repeat

[16 Nov 2017]

Only 11 lights years away … just around the corner …

[6 Dec 2017]

Ah … a ‘super-earth’ … I see now …

[18 Dec 2017]

How reassuring to know that the ‘good guys’ are on to it …

There’s plenty of weird and dangerous stuff going on … take a wild guess whether it’s coming from deceivers on Earth or ‘aliens’ from outer space …

[20 Dec 2017]

This is getting more ‘real’ by the day …

[11 Jan 2018]

Never heard before …

[25 Jan 2018]

Let’s redefine what constitutes an ‘alien planet’

(to increase the chances of ‘finding’ one)