Any cult needs to cut off it’s believers from their fundamental Rights such as free speech, enhanced independence of the individual (e.g. weapons, vehicles), movement, due process at law etc.

The Left hand path of the dialectic is usually used to remove these Rights. The Right hand will return them in a watered down, ineffectual form as ‘privileges’ that only the State can grant or revoke.

Once the cult population has accepted the idea in principle and acclimatized, a new round of oppression can be introduced to a muted level of resistance.


When the truth about health risks finally caught up with corporate oligarchs of the tobacco industry a clever switch was made. If taxation can no longer be pumped out of people’s own choices regarding how they live their life, smoking can at least be made as another new vehicle for removing your rights … all in the name of ‘protecting’ us from ourselves, of course.

It’s not “confirmation bias” to observe unfolding social logic

[14 Nov 2017]

Brainwashed people with no understanding of history think it’s alright if the state abuses fundamental rights as long as they are ‘polite’ – it’s good to see that some people have the courage to say ‘no’, even to overwhelming power

[12 Jan 2018]

Violent crime affects a relatively small minority of people and often those who are themselves relatively violent. Erosion of fundamental rights affects us all. Stop and search is the hallmark of an oppressive society.

[18 Mar 2018]

‘Terror’ was, of course, designed to be used as a tool for justifying persecuting anyone who opposes the NWO narrative. Even the Independent picked up on this one. Again, overreaction sets a precedent to lend credibility to threats of retaliation later on. This creates a general ‘chilling effect’ among opposition. No-one likes to admit they’re scared so people will find their own justifications for inaction. Job done. Unless it’s called out for what it is – nasty and oppressive. Everything you would expect from the people who have a monopoly on violence.