What to do when ‘reality’ perfectly matches one’s ‘confirmation bias’?

The hypothesis is that the ‘multi-polar’ G20 will usher in the NWO taking over from the ‘uni-polar’ G7.

The left hand path of the dialectic, the G7, must take an overtly harsh position (bad cop) which will make the eventual G20 ‘knight in shining armor’ (good cop), right hand path, look good by comparison (however, still managing to undermine fundamental rights).

Theresa May, like the others, is fulfilling her role in this stage play.

They may change the names, timing and tinker with the dynamics according to pubic awareness levels, but this is the essence of what’s going on.

Confirmation bias is being used by May et al to take advantage of the moment post Manchester.

The key to fighting terror is to open up debate, not shut it down.

[update 5 June 2017]

Inevitably …