This is just one more step in a long ‘road to serfdom’.

‘They’ know that you’re not a terrorist. Not in the traditional sense of the word. You’re not going to live every waking moment in fear if the only crimes are causing physical harm to others (when was the last time you committed a crime like that?). To achieve the required level of fear it’s necessary to extend the definition of a ‘crime’ and extend the surveillance of your thoughts and opinions so that your defiance can be detected and used against you.

The mainstream media takes the posturing at face value. Ultimately, it’s not about bad policy decisions or even understanding the links between terror and our arms sales to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, although those things are important. It’s about you. Your mind. Making sure you understand that even if you harbor a questioning thought, you dare not even contemplate, let alone express, it. They’re not there yet (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). They’re driving down a long road in vehicle called ‘terrorism’. The journey may have twists and turns, the occasional short cut or delay. But one way or another people who are totally remote to the ‘common herd’ have a clear conception of their destination.

Like a serial killer’s potential victim we need to stop the vehicle, get out and start walking the road back to enforcing Constitutional rights against the powers that shouldn’t be. Arguing with a serial killer about where you’re headed tragically misses the point.

Ironically, as is so often the case with a clash of ideologies, they come full circle and I find I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of Theresa May:

“there is – to be frank – far too much tolerance of extremism in our country”

If you disagree and dare to write a comment below we might have an “embarrassing conversation”, but there’s one difference I can assure you of. If you commit this “apparently less serious offense”, I don’t have police and security services at my disposal to administer a custodial sentence, no matter how ‘extreme’ I consider your views.

[5 Sep 2017]

Buy oil, sell arms, facilitate terror as the motor