The idea that people are less important than a piece of dirt is useful – to some.

Of course, it can’t actually be sold to us like that. It needs to be turned onto it’s head into a ‘movement of the People’ clamoring against ‘vested interests’ in Government and industry.

It is undeniable that energy is an important factor in the global geopolitical landscape. It is also very important in the relationships between ordinary people and those who wield (far too much) control over our lives.

We are all highly dependent on energy in it’s various forms. This fact is not lost on those who seek to extend their power and control over us.

How to justify restricting our access to abundant and cheap energy? As ever, use a ‘noble lie’ so that it appears that making life more impoverished, dependent and guilt ridden is actually a fine, principled approach to creating the correct ‘balance’ taking all factors into account – not least – the dirt at your feet.

Africa is a useful, sufficiently remote, location for ‘stress-testing’ these ideas – four years for using a plastic bag

From 2000 on life expectancy in Tanzania 47, in U.S., 100. All thanks to C02 emissions … don’t listen to the celebrity emotional blackmailers and hypocrites … Ann McEllhinney … leveraging guilt among adults and children … 30 million children die from banning DDT

Al Gore’s inconvenient truths – UK High Court view

Compare the sympathy levels for a rampaging wild animal

against a man trying to avoid being caged for years for harming no-one

[14 Nov 2017]

The Jesuits are long time experts at guilt generation and psychological manipulation – the Pope is no exception

(a quick recap on the Catholic Church’s worldview historically)