The Globalists have a problem. The Fundamental Rights of Man. It’s difficult to retain a good grasp over people when they’re free to say, do and believe whatever they like (whilst still respecting the rights of others).

A direct frontal assault is too obvious. Time for smoke and mirrors.

Pretend to be standing up for ‘Rights’ on non-Rights issues – identity/genger politics, environmentalism, the ‘right to be safe’ etc.

This way you can pretend to be taking the ‘moral  high ground’ whilst actually undermining genuine freedoms.

For example:

Dinner is a non-issue.

there will be more to follow …

[20 Jul 2017]

Why is it always gay rights that succeed where others don’t

[27 Sep 2017]

As the smoke clears, be in no doubt that it’s the strong who question authority that are the real targets of the erosion of fundamental liberties

[11 Jan 2018]

or just go ahead and take away centuries old Rights … it’s not as if there’s anyone around who can stop it …