Children are a bell weather for the direction that society is headed. It is a plain fact that they are highly dependent on their surroundings, materially and spiritually and consequently seek approval in all it’s forms. Collectively they represent a naive, unquestioning repository for society’s values. A ready made mold for globalist ambitions.

You can be sure that reactions such as this will be used to blur the line, once again, between actual physical harm and ‘bullying’ (teasing, verbal abuse, insults).

Where better for children to learn about manipulation and injustice than in their natural environment surrounded by other equally confused, insecure and insensitive children? Interfering in this natural process helps no-one, least of all the children. Teaching them that the state will protect them from ‘abuse’ is the worst message they can be conditioned to accept.

Teach them to stand up for themselves, alone if necessary. Understand that even if it appears that everyone is against you that doesn’t make them necessarily ‘right’. Learn to cope with the feelings of loneliness and isolation that being an individual sometimes entails. Learn to call out injustice for what it is, when it occurs. Learn to understand that we can all benefit from listening to a diverse set of ideas, but none of us should stand for the physical imposition of another’s ideas.

Show me a globalist who wants that message to reach the children …