Technology is intrinsically neutral, but powerful. It can be used to either enhance or undermine freedom. We had better ensure it is used for the former.

Don’t be distracted by scare stories in the media. Don’t see ‘problems’ where they don’t really exist.

Blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum have the potential to positively (or negatively) deeply impact on aspects of our lives in a way that may be more profound than the Internet itself a couple of decades back.

Familiarizing ourselves with this new technology will help us to see through the manipulations and ensure that we’re the one’s using it to OUR benefit and that it doesn’t (like so many other technologies (e.g. nuclear)) become a baton to beat us over the head with.

[30 Jun 2017]

Oh look … a problem. Even though it’s presented in an ‘anti-establishment’ fashion what this article is essentially telling us is that ‘cyber attacks’ are a real and big problem. What will the reaction be? Fear, uncertainty, insecurity … maybe. It depends on you.

Some questions to ask yourself (or your organization):

  • does your computer have a good virus protection software on it?
  • is this virus software updated and working?

If you answered yes to the above this ‘cyber attack’ is unlikely to have directly affected you. Observe the real world around you rather than referring to the media.

The real target of this ‘problem’ is a free and unrestricted Internet. An attack on that can’t be justified directly so it’s attacked indirectly via a dialectic.

[21 Jul 2017]

Law trumps technology every time. Using Tor won’t save you in the long run

Free Ross!

[22 Aug 2017]

Increasingly linking your identity to everything you do (as traced by your ‘cell phone’) takes you further down the road of dependence on having a “clean” identity. We need decentralized/distributed, autonomous identity verification system free from the State asap.

[16 Dec 2017]

Net Neutrality – No matter how tempting it may seem, regulation is never the answer. Tech won’t save you from the State, only you can do that … Don’t run to the State to save yourself from the State …