The term ‘car lite‘ sounds so innocuous, innocent and benign.

It dovetails with the anti-human ‘enviromental’ movement as part of the mult-headed anti-freedom hydra that confronts every indivdual on the planet today. Each hydra head tipped with reports from ‘experts’ needs to be cauterised by clear reference to it’s impact on the lost word – ‘freedom’.

One (of the few) useful things that government could do is build large (adequate) underground/multistorey car parks to cater for our prefered form of transport (the car). This may result in more traffic jams, but at least we would have a choice and not be forced onto the ‘cattle carts’ of public transport.

(If you thought sitting in your SUV made you some kind of pariah … “In its highly influential report seven years ago, Livestock’s Long Shadow, the FAO said global meat production was responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions – a little more than all of the world’s cars, trains and planes [my emphasis] combined.”)

Instead it’s so much more ‘conducive’ to outsource the responsibility to private contractors and then pretend that it’s ‘market economics’ to have them charge us for the use of our own land.

The term ‘Movement’ embodded as a fundamental liberty in many constitutions isn’t restricted to non-vehicular movement. We have the right to move and we have the right to move in the vehicle of our choice. So long as we harm no-one in the process (i.e. respecting others fundamental rights) there is no justification for restrictions (including fees, taxes, fines etc.) on this right.

If the ‘justification’ is that the Government owns the land and we are only on it via a privelidge handed down from on high we had better start to look into the question of who owns the land?

[16 Dec 2017]

Environmentalism and State control dovetail nicely as freedom to move is constrained and we’re told it’s because ‘we’re the problem’ – it’s because we’re not productive enough you see …

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