This blog doesn’t focus on any one nation in particular. The principles of freedom are universal.

In ‘the New Paper’ (Singapore) today Poly lecturer Tang Koon Huat is reported to have been given a 3 month jail term for posting online that “it was about time to form a Singaporean vigilante group to beat up “troublesome drunk” Caucasians at drinking joints and teach these “bumps” (sic) a lesson”

This is outrageous! I am deeply offended. Because it targets “Caucasians” (and I happen to be one)? No, of course, not. Because it is a gross violation of free speech by a State. This man will now spend 3 months of his life in prison because of an opinion that he expressed. No-one acted on his idea.

Who benefits from such an outcome? Caucasians? Most Caucasians I know value the fundamental Right of free speech more than the opinion of this man. It isn’t protecting any other group because they’re not targeted.

There can only be one beneficiary.

Thank you to Tang Koon Huat for giving us the opportunity to illustrate why harming others by either ‘beating them up’ or imprisoning them for their opinions can never be more important or influential than fundamental values that apply to everyone, equally.

[17 Jan 2018]

Here’s another I found. ‘Online violence’ is an oxymoron peddled by freedom haters. Even if someone had been stupid enough to take any notice of Chai’s rantings the fault would lie with anyone who acted on them, not the agent of free speech. Foolishness does not justify the destruction of fundamental rights – nothing does.