A dialectic (problem/reaction/solution) is being used at an international level (yes, there are people think in global terms). As a peon you’re not supposed to look at such ‘higher’ issues (not in any detail). Don’t leave it to your ‘betters’ to understand what’s going on here. Don’t resign yourself to their much longed for war (or be cowed by the threat of it). See the theatrics for what they are. Don’t let them use mind control to wear you down so that you almost welcome war because the endless talk is so draining and everyday life has been made deliberately drab.

The current ‘North Korean’ sandbox is summed up here:

after the next North Korean provocation, whether it be a nuclear test or missile test, the US will have this rationale to act…

“China and Russia are protecting and enabling North Korea in their effort to build thermonuclear ICBMs that threaten America, so there is no way that ‘multilateral’ diplomacy can stop them. We must therefore act ‘unilaterally’ to put more pressure on the North Koreans. Stopping their ships and seizing illicit cargos will allow us to do this without attacking North Korean territory directly.”

Naturally, this action will lead to disastrous consequences, and the globalists will use this example of unilateral / unipolar folly in their effort to sell the multilateral / multipolar New World Order (the “new, reformed, strengthened” United Nations). They will say, “If the multilateral UN had had more power to compel the US to stick to diplomacy, this unilateral disaster wouldn’t have happened. We must therefore strengthen the UN to insure that this never happens again.” (Source: http://redefininggod.com/)

Don’t fall for this, or any of the other theatrics …

[6 Nov 2017]

Watch the show unfold in real time … afterwards they’ll claim it was all ‘unforeseeable’ and ‘accidental’ and of course the result of the folly of ‘populism’ for which Trump is the fall guy

Do you hate North Korean people? Who have suffered terribly from the sick superstition of Statism. Don’t fall for all the false flags and excuses for murdering other people who have no more control over the operations of the State than you do.