The Bank’s vision is to play a pioneering role in the development of new ideas and outlook into affairs worldwide to gain a better understanding of how we can all contribute to increased freedom and prosperity whilst also considering the existing and potential issues which may operate to prevent such progress.

The ideology underpinning this vision is most readily identifiable with the original Constitution for the United States in terms of the ability of all individuals to assert their unalienable Rights.

The Bank will operate as a repository for progressive knowledge, “savings”, and will use these “assets” to make “investments” in the further development and research of beneficial ideas relating to our intentions as set out in our vision. We welcome valuable and worthwhile “investments” in the bank from contributors around the world who can expect to obtain enormous returns on their original deposits over time. To achieve our vision in these complex times our mission is to simplify where possible and create an easy reference from which investors can make the most sound investment choices. Whilst the current global outlook presents daunting challenges for investors our management is confident that, with a strong track record of successful analysis of the global “markets”, the Bank’s equity will increase exponentially to the benefit of the entire planet.


This blog sets out the parameters of what I consider are the most important and interesting lines of inquiry which together create an extraordinary new paradigm for understanding the world without being blown too far off course by disinformation.

It was never my intention that all of the questioning or exploration of the validity of any of the information would be undertaken by me alone.

The problem is much too big for any one individual to tackle. No matter how smart and ‘correct’ one may be there are innumerable ways to bury the information within the Elite designed system. The Internet is giving us a small window of opportunity to put our collective minds together to collaborate in determining what’s going on and what to do about it. That’s why they want to close us down.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Nunc Pro Tunc to August 11, 2015: All Rights Reserved. Dotnetspec.wordpress.com or any agent thereof does not give legal advice. The information contained herein is for entertainment purposes, and we at most hope that it stimulates thought processes to consider the variety of potential solutions, and to seek competent legal, tax, or financial advice from a trained professional. The information contained herein is for generic brainstorming, entertainment, and is not meant as legal advice for any specific legal situation. Contact with an agent of this site is considered PRIVATE and Confidential. If you do not agree to these terms, you must exit the website and not utilize any materials. If you remain on this site and use it you are subject to these terms. All Communication is PRIVATE, confidential, and without the consent or agreement of monitoring by any third-party. Violation of these privacy terms subjects the violator to a $1,000 in Silver coin charge per incident.

GOVERNMENT AGENT NOTICE AND CONTRACT – Any government officials, paid informants or agents, of any nation state on Earth, are prohibited from using this page. If you are in that capacity, be advised this is a private member site, and your very reading this content constitutes trespass, and subjects you personally to a $1,000 fine per page visit or use of any material found on this private member website. The right to freedom of speech and expression are not waived. You are so noticed of this contract and agree to it. Any discovery that you used this content to harass or prosecute or pursue in any form an action based on any finding on this website, will subject you to this contract.


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