Banking Operations

This is to be a repository for accumulated knowledge regarding various competing ideas of how power in the World is actually functioning today.

League tables of reviews will be created based on the credibility of sources, the quantity of evidence, the quality of evidence, the underlying history, the level of harassment experienced by the opposition to the power, the level of secrecy surrounding the power, the plausibility for truly global domination and finally a score given for the overall soundness of the investment.

Pros/cons will be summarized and an overall comment added.

The listings and format may well change and evolve over time based on the results, but the aim is to provide as objective an assessment as possible given the volatile nature of the subject matter.

Once there is overwhelming support for a particular investment over all others attention will turn more to the issue of what needs to be done to maximize the equity return on this investment. However, the default position, in the absence of a clearly superior alternative, is that the influence of identified scams be removed immediately and the U.S. Constitution of 1776 be used as the Constitutional basis for all nations who may make amendments relating to their national preferences, so long as those amendments are made according to the Constitution.


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