Recommended Investors

It’s not easy being a “smart” investor. To find the best investments they have to search where others dare not tread and they have to dig deep in the hardest to reach places. Conservative investors relish and highlight every wrong turn as inexcusably poor investment advice whilst they themselves happily dispense of supposed high value recommendations which turn out to be poor quality indeed and question the right to even question their advice. Here we salute the pioneers of our time and welcome new additions to the list. They may not get every little detail exactly right, but they are long on substantial information and short on fear of having their views questioned. Here, as anywhere else on the site, the criteria, scores and conclusions may change over time:

Bill Cooper:

Pros – no nonsense product recommendations and a strong ability to spot and deconstruct scams. Appears to have been assassinated. His advice – don’t follow anyone else, do your OWN research.

Cons – Naval intelligence background may or may not be a positive (?).

Score – 8/10

Conclusion – Read/listen to as much as possible

Eric Jon Phelps:

Pros – Plenty of topical and historical research data and analysis regarding high level investment scams.

Cons – Occasionally somewhat subjective assessments and behavior ultimately liable to discredit the value of the analysis and resulting product recommendations.

Score – 7/10

Conclusion – mine the data resources for some useful insights. Be wary of some of his more exotic product recommendations (racial separation and landowner only voting).


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