Frontline Internet

The war for your mind is ongoing and has always been.

This blog captures the events as they unfold according to their own logic. Years down the road, when the strangulation of freedom is so acute, even the most zombified of today will feel it’s pinch. ‘How did it all come to this?’ they will proclaim. Asleep at the helm?

You only need to peer over the bow to see disaster looming.

The icebergs are floating past.

How to recognize them? How to know which direction we should be travelling?

Use the time honored fundamental Rights clearly articulated in many of the worlds constitutions as your compass – not exact, not perfect in every little detail, but they send you in broadly the right direction.

Free speech

Due process

Free movement

and so on … fundamental guiding principles, not soundbites and political footballs. Not abstract, difficult to grasp concepts, but practical everyday eventualities that we either re-enforce or neglect.

the most important first.

Is it free speech for you or for Google?

If you answer that question, even in your own mind, you are exercising free speech (which is the dissemination of ideas). If you don’t exercise you get weak. If you don’t care you get sick. It’s very simple.