I don’t agree with this poster’s conclusions, but I add this in the interests of balance and, at least, he addresses some of the issues, if only on the surface. He appears to be very quick and willing to accept the FBI and Secret Service perspectives (which from what I already know are misleading – no-one is attempting to obtain ‘rights and privileges’ through this process). Odd for such a ‘rebel’.

The Last Bastille

Particularly ever since the advent of what the corporate whore media refers to as the “Great Recession,” people have become increasingly more desperate in trying to earn more Federal Reserve Notes so they can pay off all their living expenses. Many have become dependent upon the welfare state, as testified by the growing numbers of Americans on food stamps, which have increased from 43,000,000 – 47,000,000 people over the last 3 years. No wonder some of the con artists within the Carousel see an opportunity to exploit vulnerable individuals with fanciful tales of hidden money that, as the tall-tale goes, can be used to magically pay off all the debt collectors.

A4V (Accepted for Value Logo)

The Anti-Terrorist (AT) refers to the so-called “Acceptance for Value” (aka “A4V”) method in his most recent book, Standing Under Freedom, admitting that while he thought the theory was sound, pragmatically it has only…

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